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August 2021



Al claims to be a “cash money millionaire” and now all his problems will be going away. Because money makes him soooo happy. However, Pastor Monty shares what the Bible says about the love of money. How will Al respond?

Al & The Temptations – MONTY & FRIENDS EP 73 (AL)


Al is back this week and ready to fight for what is right. He’s got his camo, a stick, and a sling. If you are able to see him behind his camo, you’ll be sure to sound the battle cry when he reveals who or what it is he is going to fight!

To Bow or Not to Bow – Monty & Friends EP 72


Your favorite stand-up chicken comedian is back! Cash U. Chicken is back with some new jokes and a question for Pastor Monty… what are we to do when we are asked to do something that doesn’t honor God? Watch and find out!

Let Your Lightbulb Shine? MONTY & FRIENDS EP 71 (SHEP)


Shepherding With Shep is back and he is ready to let his light shine… and so are his sheep! There’s just one problem, Shep doesn’t know how to plug his sheep in. Watch as Pastor Monty explains what it really means to let your light shine.