Al thinks he has discovered a new way to absorb information… specifically, Bible knowledge.
Watch and see if Al's discovery is a success or if Monty has to set Al straight, again…

A Devotional With Pastor Craig

"Alfalfa Fields Forever"
Al LOVES alfalfa. And he found out that there is a field filled with yummy alfalfa, but his mom gave him strict instructions NOT to leave the barnyard. Find out what happens when Al disobeys his mom.

A Devotional With Pastor Joel

Did you know chickens do impressions? Well they do, and they are super- man, I gotta tell ya!!
This week Cash U. Chicken is back with jokes and questions. Watch and see why Monty says it's always important to answer questions from a biblical standpoint rather than using our own opinions.

Gathering, Growing, Serving, Sharing.

We are an active and vibrant church in Bloomfield, New Mexico, serving all of San Juan County. While providing a great atmosphere to worship and serve in at our campus, we are always looking for ways to impact our communities.
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