A Devotional With Pastor Joel

Patience?? Ain't nobody got time for that!!
Have you ever had a difficult time waiting for something to happen that you feel should happen faster? Like waiting for a garden to grow? IT"S HARD!!! Watch and see how Cash U. Chicken learns what the Bible says about being patient.

A Devotional With Pastor Joel

"Ground Control to Captain Al". Using our imagination is a way that God has allowed us to be creative. This week Al is using his imagination to play "make believe" until he is overheard. Pastor Monty shares that it is okay to use our creative minds that God has given us!

A Devotional With Pastor Daniel

Al is the director of a major production this week. It is all about Easter! Its got chocolate, bunnies, chocolate bunnies and Easter eggs!! But wait… is that what Easter is REALLY about?? See what Monty has to say!

A Devotional With Pastor Ryan

Quitting the Herd. Shep seems to want to give up shepherding for good. Oh no!! Can Pastor Monty convince Shep to keep going and not give up?

Gathering, Growing, Serving, Sharing.

We are an active and vibrant church in Bloomfield, New Mexico, serving all of San Juan County. While providing a great atmosphere to worship and serve in at our campus, we are always looking for ways to impact our communities.
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