Looking for insight on how to share the Gospel? Watch as Pastor Craig shares practical tools to help you share your faith.

Pastor Monty talks to Al about his "lucky" hat; luck isn't real, but God's power and control is.

During Christmas, we focus a lot of our attention on giving and receiving gifts. Al is determined to give his mom the greatest gift ever, but he realizes that she wants something different…

For certain, Christmas is a time of giving. Christmas is about remembering God’s giving Himself as the present. It’s about remembering that the Everlasting One gave everything so we might live eternally with Him.
Christmas is also about building memories with the people God graciously places in our lives. How you spend Christmas does make a difference. Join Pastor Joel as we think about our Christmas priorities.


Pastor Monty shares with Pepper the bible story of the Good Samaritan to teach the lesson about making time to help others in need.


Monty is a "guest", again, on Shepherding With Shep. This week, Shep is celebrating the Christmas story… from the Shepherd's point of view. However, Shep is in shock that all his Christmas traditions and expectations, may not be in line with what the Bible says. Watch and see how Monty shares what the Bible says regarding the true story of Jesus.


A Devotional With Pastor Ryan

Gathering, Growing, Serving, Sharing.

We are an active and vibrant church in Bloomfield, New Mexico, serving all of San Juan County. While providing a great atmosphere to worship and serve in at our campus, we are always looking for ways to impact our communities.
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