Nowadays, there’s much speculation as to whether we are living the Last Days, leading up to His Second Coming.
Since Jesus’ time people seem to be more concerned about the “When” Jesus will return and not about their readiness to His return.
Are you ready for Jesus’ Second Coming? Whether your answer is a resounding “Yes” or a concerning “No,” take a listen to this devotional and be encouraged and/or timely warned about this inevitable and glorious event, the Second Coming of Christ!

Al doesn't feel very well ever since his "encounter" with Billy Goat. Is it a sore tummy or something even more serious!? Pastor Monty has a suspicion as to what might be ailing Al… watch and find out!

Learning to tame the tongue… Join Pastor Joel as he shares how to speak less so that when we do speak and point people to Jesus Christ, they will actually listen to what we have to say.

Have you ever had your feelings hurt by a friend and then wanted to get back at them? This week Al Paca is scheming to get revenge, but Pastor Monty shares a story from the Bible to help Al see how God wants us to react.

An update on how FBC Bloomfield has been staying On Mission with our mission partnerships across the country and around the world.

Cash U. Chicken is back again with more jokes and hilarity. He also has some real questions for Pastor Monty. Listen as Pastor Monty shares how God shows us that He always keeps His promises.

We here at FBC Bloomfield understand the challenges that many different groups of people will be facing with this new school year and we want you to know that not only are we committed to praying for you each and every day, but we want to help in other ways as well.

Listen as Pastor Ryan shares 5 groups of people to pray for and 5 prayer points for each group as they look at navigating what "Back To School" is going to look like this year.

Why do we need rules? Why does the Bible have rules? Doesn't God want us to have fun? Pastor Monty explains to Al why God has given us rules to follow and how by following those rules, it pleases God.

Gathering, Growing, Serving, Sharing.

We are an active and vibrant church in Bloomfield, New Mexico, serving all of San Juan County. While providing a great atmosphere to worship and serve in at our campus, we are always looking for ways to impact our communities.
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