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July 2020

Intentional One-on-One Discipleship

A devotional with Pastor Daniel

Jesus said, “Go and make disciples” not just “converts.” So, What does it mean to make disciples? Have you ever been discipled? Are you discipling someone now? Take a listen and find out the answers to these questions which should drive us to obey the mandate of Christ!



There are a lot of scary things in the world today. Once again, Al lets his fears get in the way of the things that he should focus on… Jesus! Listen how Pastor Monty shares with Al how BIG God is, and that He is in control.

Judging Others Devotional with Pastor JOEL


Who are you to judge me? Don’t you know Jesus said not to judge…? These are some all too familiar questions we hear today. As Christians, can we judge others biblically? Listen as Pastor Joel explains what the Bible says about judging others.

Why Church Planting – A devotion with Pastor Craig


We already have plenty of churches, These new churches will only draw people from already struggling churches, We need better bigger churches not more churches… Have you ever heard any of these arguments against new church plants? Join Pastor Craig as he answers these questions and explains the importance of new church planting.

Trash Talk – A devotional with Pastor Ryan

A devotional with Pastor Ryan

The apostle Paul trash talks our greatest enemy. He does so with confidence that is not based on arrogance or pride. Listen as Pastor Ryan looks at what Paul has to say, to whom he says it, and why he has such confidence and how you can too.

Monty & Friends Episode 15

Episode 15

Monty meets Cash U. Chicken, this week. He is full of jokes and questions. Find out what Monty shares from the Bible when Cash wonders why he needs to go to church.

Struggling With Depression


Depression is REAL! And Yes, even the greatest ruler of Israel, King David, dealt with feelings of depression. Listen and find out how he dealt with them in Psalm 31!