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March 2020

Discerning Truth in a Digital Age

Digital Age Graphic

In this digital age we are inundated with all kinds of information from news and politics to entertainment and religion. We tend to post and share things on social media that look and sound good… but they aren’t biblical. Watch and listen as Pastor Ryan shares 3 things to help you discern all this digital… continue reading »

Monty & Friends

Monty & Friends - Facing Fear

Hey FBC Kids! We want you to know that you have been missed here at FBC Bloomfield! We know that during these difficult times it can be scary and disappointing when we can’t see or hang out with each other. You are not alone! Pastor Monty wants to introduce you to a friend who is… continue reading »

Walk as Children of the Light

A devotional with pastor Craig

As a follower of Christ, you are to walk as children of light… let your light shine brighter than it ever has before. The world may be in crisis, but God has been preparing you for this very moment! Watch and listen, as Pastor Craig shares practical ways to impact your “ONE”.


What Has Been Your Attitude Lately

A Devotional with Pastor Daniel In light of the Coronavirus pandemic, how has it affected your attitude as a follower of Christ?  Attitude is defined in the dictionary as, “a settled way of thinking or feeling about someone or something, typically one that is reflected in a person’s behavior.”  Romans 12:12 prescribes three short, yet powerful… continue reading »

My Lighthouse

My Lighthouse-Devo

A Devotional with Pastor Ryan When the storms of life come, wouldn’t it be great if we had a place we could find shelter?  Listen as Pastor Ryan looks at Isaiah 26 to show us how we can run into our strong tower, Jesus, and be safe.

Leaving A Legacy

Joel Gunn- Leaving a Legacy

We will all leave a legacy of some sort and some legacies will last longer than others. The legacy we leave, cannot and should not point to us. The legacy that we leave must point to the necessity of a relationship with Jesus Christ. Our regular habits greatly influence the type of legacy we will… continue reading »