Secure Give Tutorial

1. Go to and click "Create an Account".
    secure give image1

2. Fill in your information to setup your personal account. Click "Create".
* Remember which phone number and password you entered.  You will need them anytime you want to make a One Time Donation or make a change to your Recurring Donation.


3. Once you are logged in with your new account, you can now give a One Time Gift or setup a Recurring Donation.  To setup a Recurring Donation to automatically tithe/give when you receive your paychecks, click "Recurring Donation" and click "Next".        


4. Type the amount you would like to give from each paycheck in the"General Fund" box (you will pick the frequency of donations on the next screen).  Click "Next".

5. Select the "Start" and "End" dates for when you would like to tithe along with the frequency of the paychecks you would like to tithe from.  Then enter in your debit card information and click the "Save as a default payment method" box to securely save your information in the system (debit card information is not viewable by Living Faith Church).  Click "Continue".

*We would ask you to only use a debit card for tithing and giving gifts to the church.  While using credit cards is not unbiblical, many people struggle with an addiction to debt that we as a church do not want to encourage.

6. Congratulations, your SecureGive account and Recurring Gifts are setup!

If you have any further questions, please contact our Business Manager..

Ready to go?  Click the button below to start your online giving now!


These are entities that we financially support as a church body.

Southern Baptist Agencies

Southern Baptist Convention

International Mission Board

North American Mission Board

Baptist Convention of New Mexico

San Juan County Baptist Association

Local Ministries

Navajo Ministries

Grace Place

New Mexico Baptist Children’s Home

Camps and Retreat Centers

Hesperus Baptist Camp

Inlow Baptist Camp

Sivells Baptist Camp

International Benevolence

Global Hunger Relief

Baptist Global Response

Operation Christmas Child